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1142 Metres


Witches “Walpurgisnacht” (Goethe)

Distant view

230 km max.


Opened in 1999 in the Brockenturm
  • Mountain height: 1142 m
  • Status: highest mountain in the Harz mountains and in the entire north of Germany
  • Myth: for centuries epitome of demonic activity and satanic witchcraft, made famous in particular by the Walpurgis Night (Goethe Faust)
  • Brocken siege: after drawing the inner German border from 1961 military restricted area, became a symbol of the division of Germany
  • Brocken wall: 2.8 km long, 3.6 m high, 2318 wall elements, built from 1978 to 1985, enclosed the core zone of the military restricted area, demolished in 1992
  • Brocken opening: 3 December 1989
  • Brocken visitors: approx. 1.2 to 1.4 million/year
  • Brockenhotel: opened in November 1999 in the old, listed TV tower, with observation tower, 14 rooms with a view
  • Brockenhaus: Information house on the Brocken, worth seeing multimedia exhibition on the history of the Brocken, the nature and mysticism of the mountain and the national park
  • Brockenwirt: gastronomic hospitality on the Brocken – has existed since the 19th century, since 1990 by Hans Steinhoff and his team
  • Brocken railway: since 1899, route approx. 16 km, difference in altitude 588 m, terminus Brockenbahnhof, annually approx. 0.7 million passengers.
  • Brocken distant view: max. visibility 230 km, manageable area 45 000 sq km
  • Brockenuhr: a circle of bronze tablets with distances to geographical destinations
  • Brocken vegetation: Tree line at approx. 1000 m, above subalpine mat vegetation
  • Brocken garden: created as early as 1890, rare alpine and Arctic plants
  • Brocken-Benno: Record holder on brocken ascents (almost daily!), also in the Guinness Book of Records, was already over 8330 (as of 9.11.2017) times up!
  • Brockenpost: opened in 1875 in the Brockenhaus, where all consignments received a day stamp during the season (1906 z.B. 314 325 postcards!), closed since 20.04.1945
  • Brockenfernsehen: In 1934, the Reichspost built what is believed to be the first TV station
  • Brocken cloud house: the first refuge from 1736, even survived the bombings of 1945
  • Brocken ghost: natural event first described in 1744, based on mirage shortly before sunset
  • Walpurgis: the night from April 30 to May l. When, according to legend, witches flying on the Brocken met on the Brocken
    The Brockenstammtisch: has been held 3 to 4 times a year since March 1, 1991.