at the Brockenwirt

The Steinhoff family and team take care of your well-being on the highest in the north – the Brocken. Our company was founded in 1990 by Hans Steinhoff and is now successfully continued by us in tradition. We look forward to welcoming you as a guest in our hotels, restaurants and dining facilities in Schierke and on the Brocken and wish you a pleasant stay.

Chunk data

Meter high

… the highest peak
in northern Germany

km visibility

… in good weather
to Kahler Asten (NRW)

Floors Brockentower

… with observation deck


… Visitors a year
and more


… Hotel operation
of the Brockenwirt

On the Brocken

Where today’s circular hiking trail leads around the Brocken plateau, the Brocken wall stood until 1992. On the circular hiking trail you will find many information boards and a fantastic view in all directions – up to a maximum of 230 kilometers. In the Brockenhaus you can discover the history of the mountain. The Brocken garden with a large show area offers space for around 1600 plant species from the high mountains of the world. Alpine plants as well as plant species from the high mountains of Asia and America grow here – to be visited from May to October.

The climate on the Brocken corresponds to an alpine location at 2500m altitude and is comparable to the climate of Iceland. Please keep this in mind when choosing your clothes and footwear. But one thing is certain: A visit to the Brocken is definitely part of a holiday in the Harz Mountains.

The Harzer Hexenstieg crosses the Harz with a total length of 97 kilometres from west to east and is designed as a continuously marked main hiking trail with supra-regional significance. It allows the hiker to get to know the Harz in its diversity in one piece.

The ways to the Brocken

You can reach the Brocken by train, on foot, by horse-drawn carriage, by bike or by Sagway. All variants have their very special charm. Numerous paths lead, with different lengths and degrees of difficulty to the Brocken.

The path of the “Old Bobsleigh Railway” leads from the meeting of the Edelmannshäuweg and the New Way to the north, crosses the Brockenbahn via an unrestricted level crossing and meets the parallel railway path that leads from Schierke station to eckerloch. In the extension to the north, a hiking trail then leads to the Brockenstraße, which leads to the summit of the Brocken. In the area of the intersection with the railway parallel path there is now a refuge hut, where a sign refers to the history of the Old Bobsleigh Run.

The Eckerlochstieg is one of the most beautiful and popular hiking trails in the Harz Mountains. It is also the shortest ascent to the Brocken. It overcomes 500 meters of altitude difference on a consistent ascent, but the effort is rewarded by wonderful views of nature. Children can explore the stations of the fairytale path “The White Deer” on this tour.

Stay in the Harz

on the Brocken
and in Schierke

The Brockenhotel is the only hotel located directly in the Harz National Park. Enjoy views of nature and the mountainous landscape of the Harz Mountains from the comfort of your room. An overnight stay on the highest mountain in northern Germany is always a very special experience.

The Hotel Brockenscheideck is located in Schierke directly on the Brockenstraße. A good starting point for hikes to the Brocken or into the Harz forests.